What is H3llo and how do I become a Creator?

How to monetise your passion with H3llo

H3llo is a platform where anyone can order a video message or subscribe to the video content from the coolest creators in the world. H3llo welcomes all creators with an audience. You can be a celebrity, influencer, athlete, or expert in your field. Everyone is welcome at H3llo.

For a fee, users can connect directly with influential people they’ve been following: ask a question, get a second opinion or advice, and an inspiring conversation. The Creator, meanwhile, gets paid for their time, so they can support their passion.

Here’s how you can become a Creator on H3llo:

  • Request Access. Click the “Request access” button at h3llo.com, and complete a short form. We will review it and get in touch, generally within 1-2 business days. 
  • Set up your H3llo profile. Provide a short introduction, a bio, add what you would offer in a video message, set your rate, and enter your payout information. After your profile is complete, you’re ready to get orders. 
  • Share your unique h3llo link with your followers. Your followers can then order video messages from you or subscribe to your profile! For ideas on how to get more orders, check out this article!

H3llo takes care of orders and payments, protecting your privacy so that you don’t have to worry about any of it. You can simply set up your profile, and start connecting with your followers.  

We built H3llo to give anyone easy access to expert knowledge, which is often hidden behind sales pitches, university walls, and in corporate offices. We want everyone to be able to learn, get a second opinion, or specialized insights from different industries.

Join us!